Q1. What is the stem cell?
The main function of stem cell is to regenerate the tissue. Normally it regenerates physical damage which cannot be cured by normal treatment.
Q2. When can I get the result?
The effect of stem cell procedures shows differently to each patients. But normally 1 week is enough to feel the effect, and you can fully experience of the effect after 4~8 weeks. For the case of severe diseases suffering patients, it might take 6~9 months.
Q3. Is health insurance applicable?
No. Current Korea health insurance cannot afford the stem cell procedures related cost.
Q4. Are there any side effects of stem cell procedures?
Normally side effects are minimum, but you can feel some pain or stimulation on the injection part. There is less possibility of immunorejection because it uses the stem cell of patients. Wide range of research and tests using stem cell are progressing in worldwide, and there reported very few cases of side effects.
Q5. What is the progress of stem cell procedure?
Autologous stem cell is extracted and separated from the patient's fat. Put patients under local anesthesia using tumescent solution to separate fat, and extract 120cc fat. Extracted fat would go to next step to separate stem cell immediately. Total progress takes 2~3 hours on average.
Q6.How long is the recovery time?
THE CELL anti-aging stem cell center performs minimized invasive procedure so that there is no problem for the daily life. But you can feel some pain around the injected part for few days, but you have no inconvenience in living.
Q7. Are diet limit or specific nutritional supplement required?
We recommend instruction of diet and nutritional supplement of THE CELL.
Q8. Are there any ethical problems related to the procedures?
THE CELL anti-aging stem cell center uses autologous fat tissue. We do not use ethically problematic embryonic stem cell.